Treat Your Business to New Trucks this Holiday Season

- 4:38 pm - December 8th, 2022

The holidays are quickly approaching, and while you’re preparing gifts for family and friends, consider treating your business and employees to a new fleet of commercial trucks. Upgrading to new trucks from your existing fleet can do more than improve the look and performance of your business; they can also help save you money. Newer trucks offer greater fuel efficiency and can significantly reduce your CO2 emissions as compared to older models. Greater efficiency can help you save money on operations and is better for the environment. If you’re looking to treat your business to an upgraded fleet of service trucks this holiday season, Truck Service of Virginia has you covered.

Custom Trucks to Boost Your Operations

At Truck Service of Virginia, we know trucks. We work with the top manufacturers in the industry to offer custom trucks that meet and exceed your expectations. Our commercial trucks are fully customizable and can be equipped and designed to fit the priorities of your business. TSVA is your go-to provider for all your truck repairs, inspections, and customizations. We offer a selection of new and used commercial vehicles in the following styles:

Take a look at our photo galleries to see some of our great work and satisfied customers. The holiday season is a great time to give your business a new and improved look and greater operational efficiency. If you’re interested in upgrading your business’s fleet of service trucks or learning about our full customization capabilities, contact Truck Service of Virginia today by giving us a call at (804) 231-9116.

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