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TSVA: Your One-Stop Shop For Repair, Inspection, and Testing Services

- 12:11 pm - June 29th, 2015

At TSVA, we do more than supply you with top-quality used trucks at great prices. We also provide a full range of repair and inspection services for cabs, chassis, truck tanks, and truck equipment. All of our repairs are performed in compliance with current Department of Transportation code, whether we’re updating small equipment components or completely refurbishing an entire fleet. Our expert team is trained to perform any cab, chassis, and body work. We can even perform engine rebuilds.

Cab and Chassis Repair

Our service team can repair all chassis and cab repairs on most truck makes and models quickly and at a great price. We do all jobs big and small, whether you require routine preventive maintenance or extensive repairs and reconditioning. We identify problems using advanced diagnostic equipment, and only install the top quality replacement parts.

R Stamp Repairs

Our specialists are certified to perform “R” Stamp welding repairs on tanks, under authorization from the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. We are able to complete any welding repairs your fleet requires.

DOT Cargo Tank Testing

Cargo tanks require hydrostatic tests and an internal inspection every five years by a U.S. Department of Transportation-registered mechanic. Tanks also require an external visual inspection and leakage test performed every year. As a DOT-registered testing facility for cargo tanks, we are able to perform these tests for you conveniently in one place.

TSVA is your one-stop shop for repair, inspection, and testing services. Contact us today to schedule your service appointment with our experienced and highly capable mechanics.