The Best Propane Service Trucks Around

- 9:11 am - August 12th, 2022

A versatile fuel deserves an even more versatile service truck. Whether you're looking for a new, used, or custom propane truck, the experts at Truck Service of Virginia can help find or create the right vehicle for you.

When it comes to creating a custom propane service truck, we work with the industry's top equipment and chassis manufacturers to ensure our customers get nothing but the best in terms of quality, safety, and efficiency. We'll do everything we can to get you the best rigs on the road.

We have the tools and equipment your truck needs to prepare you for any sized job. Our inventory includes but is not limited to supplies for your:

  • base shutdown
  • delivery system
  • lighting
  • tool & meter cabinets
  • pumps

We even offer financing options to help you get the vehicle of your dreams at a price you can afford. You'll have everything you need to stay productive and successful on the road. Visit our products page to learn more.

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