Don’t Forget A Pre-Trip Inspection for Your Fleet!

- 11:04 am - October 21st, 2019

DOT inspections are important for the safety of your trucks, drivers and other folks on the road. That doesn’t mean the responsibility is completely out of your hands to stay on top of your fleet’s condition! Protect yourself from violations with a pre-trip inspection before your fleets hit the road.

Here are some things you can do to keep your truck in good shape:

  • A walk-around inspection allows you to see if there is anything damaged or out of place. Make sure that everything is working properly, such as the doors, windows and mirror brackets

  • Ensure all lights, lenses and headlights aren’t cracked or fogged

  • Check for cracks or any damage to the water pump, radiator, air compressor pump and power steering pump

  • Make sure the air pressure in the tires is at the recommended PSI, and that there is no bumps, cuts, abrasions or balding

  • Inspect your trucks’ brake pads and drums. Test the brakes, making sure you push your brake knobs before testing

  • Make sure everything inside the cab is working properly, including hazard signals, turn signals, gauges, and defroster.

  • Rev the engine and test the horns to ensure everything is operating as it should be.

If you notice anything problematic during your inspection, the experts at Truck Service of Virginia can help make it right! Not only can we repair and service your entire fleet, but we also perform DOT inspections – so when the time comes, bring your trucks to TSVA! Contact us to learn more about our services and custom trucks.

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