Your Fleet, Your Personalized Refined Fuel Tank Wagon

- 12:24 pm - June 27th, 2022

Just as every company has its own unique identity and character it calls its own, every truck fleet has its own unique requirements to meet and jobs to complete. As such, special jobs require special trucks, and this is as true of fuel delivery trucks as it is any other kind. But buying and outfitting the fuel tank wagon that meets your fleet’s requirements is no easy task. That’s why Truck Service of Virginia is here to make that process as easy as a Sunday drive.

TSVA is your personal provider of custom fuel tank wagons. Working closely with our customers to understand their fleet’s demands, we build the kind of vehicles that are ready to punch in and get to work. Our team has the experience and expertise that make building your truck a smooth process, and you’ll have the freedom to collaborate with them and choose all the elements of your build from our wide inventory of products from top tank builders like Boston Steel and Trans-Tech. You’ll also select the cab, chassis and tank size and style you prefer. Other options include single compartment, multiple compartment, and custom cabinets, as well as other important add-ons like hose reels, pumps, manifolds, controls, gauges, overflow prevention systems and electronic registers. Rivet by rivet, piece by piece, we’ll help you think of everything and construct a custom vehicles that’s yours from top to bottom.

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