Commercial Cargo Tank Testing with TSVA

- 12:26 pm - September 21st, 2022

Why You Should Have Your Cargo Tank Tested with TSVA

Truck Service of Virginia is a Department of Transportation (DOT) registered testing facility for cargo tanks. A DOT approved facility must be used to ensure compliance with federal guidelines. Tank testing must be conducted by a registered mechanic.

  • Cargo tanks must undergo Hydrostatic Testing every 5 years
  • An Internal Inspection of cargo tanks is required every 5 years
  • An External Inspection of the cargo tanks is required annually
  • A Leakage Test must be performed annually

Keep your company’s fleet of cargo tanks up to standards with the professional service of Truck Service of Virginia. If your fleet’s cargo tanks fail to meet inspection standards or requirements, TSVA is proud to provide the necessary repairs to keep your fleet operational. Failure to follow DOT safety guidelines puts your company at risk of facing substantial fines and legal action. Protect your business and schedule your required tank testing with TSVA today.

Count on Truck Service of Virginia to make repairs and upgrades to your company’s fleet of trucks. Visit our products and services pages to find out how we can help improve your business. To learn more about tank testing and the services provided by Truck Service of Virginia, contact us today.

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