TSVA Brings You Lubrication On The Go

- 12:54 pm - June 26th, 2017

With all the heavy equipment rolling around your job sites, you never know what you’re going to need to push the job along further and faster. Lubrication, anti-freeze, wiper fluid, diesel fuel and other related products could all be stored in your custom-built lube truck when it is designed and assembled by TSVA. Here are some equipment options available for your truck from American Eagle Accessories Group:

  • Reel cabinets are available with 25’ oil reels standard, but can also be ordered in 40’ or 50’ lengths. Cabinets can contain waste oil reels and air reels in addition to oil reels. Each cabinet also comes standard with mechanical meters and control handles. Any combination of reels can be ordered to customize your cabinets.

  •  Permanent and mobile lube skids can turn your service truck into a lube truck. Equipped with tanks for new oil and waste oil that can store between 40 and 100 gallons, the units can hold other lubricants as well. The mobile skid can be removed from the truck for extra flexibility and convenience for on-site lubricating.

  • Enclosed lube trailers provide extra security and the added benefit of keeping your equipment out of harsh weather conditions. The trailer comes equipped with three 100-gallon fresh oil tanks, one 100-gallon stainless steel A/F tank, one 200-gallon waste oil tank and one 120-pound grease kit.


The number of accessories available for your custom lube truck goes way beyond what’s listed here. Just think of virtually anything you could need or want for your fleet of hard-working vehicles, and we’ll be able to build it for you. Contact TSVA today and make it happen!

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