Get Your Trucks Ready for Spring

- 10:25 am - February 15th, 2024

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, the end of winter is on the horizon. Your fleet may show the wear and tear from the ice, snow, and salt from the intense winter weather. TSVA offers a variety of maintenance and repair services to ensure your fleet is ready to take on the next season.


We offer:


  • Complete repair & inspection services: We provide a full range of repair and inspection services for all truck equipment and parts, including specialty repairs. All our work is performed to current DOT code to make sure your truck is safe to drive.


  • DOT cargo tank testing: TSVA is a DOT-registered testing facility for cargo tanks. Inspections must be done every five years, and we offer convenient scheduling to keep your trucks on the road.


  • Cab and chassis repair: Our team performs chassis and cab repairs and routine maintenance on most truck makes and models. From extensive repairs to routine preventive maintenance, TSVA does it all quickly and affordably so you can get back to work soon as possible.


TSVA offers all the service or maintenance you need. Our expert staff is trained to perform the most complex procedures, and you can trust us to put our best foot forward when it comes to your fleet. Visit our services page or contact us to schedule your service today!


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