Choose the Correct Service Facility for Your Fleet

- 3:16 pm - November 4th, 2020

Your fleet of trucks is your company's lifeblood. When one of your trucks breaks down, you need the best repair completed as quickly as possible. A qualified service company will save your company from a long-term bind. Here is a list of things to look for to ensure you're in good hands.

R Certificate of Authorization: The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors offers the R Certificate of Authorization, signified by an R Stamp, to accredited organizations that perform repairs and alterations to pressure-retaining items. In order to receive R Stamp approval for welds and repairs, mechanics must be rigorously tested and certified in the quality of their weld joints. Using a service facility with the R Stamp ensures that they are qualified to complete any welding repairs for your fleet.

Department of Transportation Approval for Cargo Tank Testing: Cargo tanks must undergo hydrostatic tests and an internal inspection every five years by a United States Department of Transportation registered mechanic. The tanks must also have an external visual inspection and leakage test performed annually. A DOT approved service facility must be used to ensure compliance with these guidelines.

Advanced Equipment, Quality Parts and Experienced Mechanics: Your trucks put on hundreds of miles per week and low quality repairs can quickly lead to bigger problems. Be sure to choose a shop that specializes in brand name parts and experienced mechanics for more reliable and longer lasting repairs.

The Truck Service of Virginia is proud to meet all of the above criteria. At TSVA, we can update equipment components and completely refurbish your existing fleet. We also offer pre-owned trucks to fill your truck needs. Our expert team performs all cab, chassis and body repair work in house and up to DOT code.

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