These Four Tips Will Prepare Your Truck for Winter!

- 9:47 am - November 29th, 2023

Winter is approaching, and it’s crucial that your customized service truck from The Truck Service of Virginia is well-prepared to withstand the cold weather. Make sure your truck is in tip-top shape with these four tips from your friends at TSVA.

Prepare Your Service Truck for Winter:

1. Clean the interior and exterior – This gets rid of the dirt, dust, grease and debris that has been collecting on and around your truck and could damage your engine and shorten your truck’s lifespan.

2. Check the machinery – By checking your tire pressure and recharging your battery, you’ll start up reliably and reduce the chance of flat tires and blowouts.

3. Get an oil change – Oil lubricates your engine's moving parts and helps to prevent the buildup of sludge. Changing your oil before the season starts helps ensure that your truck will be running smoothly.

4. Get any necessary repairs and maintenance – Whether you need to change a tire or replace your brakes, call The Truck Service of Virginia at (804) 231-9116! We perform all repairs and maintenance services under the DOT code and make sure that your service truck is back to normal and ready to go.

The Truck Service of Virginia is the only place you need for all of your service truck inquiries. When you follow these four tips, your truck will be ready to face the cold winter season! For more information and to schedule service, contact or call us at (804) 231-9116.

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