Spring Maintenance Tips from TSVA

- 10:00 am - March 13th, 2023

With the spring season all but here, the warmer weather is something we can all look forward to, especially your truck! With the cold subsiding and the snow melting, it is a perfect time of the year to make sure your truck is in proper working condition.

Our expert mechanics can fix any problems with your truck you may have noticed, but didn't have time to fix. We offer a full range of repair and inspection services for cabs, chassis, truck tanks, and truck equipment at our service center.

Make Sure to Check Your: 

  • Brakes - The cold weather can cause serious wear and tear on your brakes, especially if you have been driving through a lot of ice and snow. It's important to inspect your whole brake system, including the fluid, hoses, and parking brake.
  • Fluid Levels - This is a maintenance tip that should be practiced year-round. Your truck's fluids are the lifeblood that keeps it operating effectively, so make sure you stay up to date on oil changes and your coolant is topped off to avoid overheating the engine.
  • Battery, plugs, and wires - Winter is particularly tough on electrical equipment, don't let a faulty battery or a compromised spark plug slow you down this spring. You should check all your wires and connections to make sure you don't suffer an electrical issue.

TSVA is ready to help you with any truck repairs or services this spring. Call us at 800-550-0132 or contact us here to send us your questions.

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