Is a Custom Vacuum Truck the Right Tool for the Next Job?

- 5:30 pm - October 12th, 2018

Building upon your existing fleet to expand your repertoire of services is a great way to increase the profitability of your business! Do you own a fully customized vacuum truck? If not, TSVA can help you with that! With a vacuum truck at your disposal, you can begin to help customers in a variety of ways:

Transporting Materials

Vacuum trucks can be built with odor control and spill prevention abilities, allowing vacuum trucks to be used for transporting bio-solids. This also curbs the exposure of hazards involved in using these materials for a healthy atmosphere.

Suctioning of Materials

These rigs are specifically designed to remove wet and dry industrial waste, able to be adjusted for either low- or high-velocity air suctioning. In this capacity, it can be used to remove solid, liquid, and frothy or sludge materials. Additionally, vacuum trucks can be used to remove brine water, cleaning sewers, oil spills, septic tanks, catch basins and more.

Disposing Materials

Majority of waste generated from various industries possesses health threats to the environment. Vacuum trucks are handy for disposing of such waste materials and helping to reduce the environmental impacts of them.

There are many uses for vacuum trucks, and by adding one to your fleet you’ll be able to take advantage of the demand for them! In addition to opening up your service options for your customers and clients, they’ll also come in handy if you ever need one. Contact TSVA today to learn more, or to get started on designing your custom vacuum truck!

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