Help Your Drivers Avoid Tire Failure

- 12:00 pm - August 10th, 2018

The summer is a crucial time to keep your fleet’s tires in the front of your mind. On a hot day, highway surface temperatures can climb over 100 degrees leading to heat buildup, which can weaken tires and the treads. Truck tires can easily reach explosive temperatures if they are under or over-inflated, which can result in thrown tire treads and an increased risk of accidents or breakdowns.

Here are some tips to help your drivers keep their truck tires in safe condition during the summer:

Truck drivers should…

…Check the inflation pressure in each tire when the tires are cold or have sat more than three hours. Improperly inflated truck tires can cause an increase in heat buildup that damages tires and leads to blowouts. More often, over or under-inflation causes tires to blow out rather than wear. Truckers should inflate tires to the recommended setting often found on the driver’s side door sticker, doorpost or owner’s manual.

…Frequently conduct truck tire inspections, as often as twice a day in the summer. Tires will typically lose up to 1 psi per month, and tire pressure drops about 1 psi for every 10-degree drop in air temperature, making it important for truckers to monitor their tire pressure and check for uneven wear.

Truck drivers shouldn’t…

…Neglect the tread! It’s important to check that truck tires have enough tread and are wearing evenly before hauling any freight, as uneven wear can lead to blowouts. To be sure there is sufficient tread, drivers can utilize the “penny test.” When a penny is inserted into the tread, it should be deep enough to touch the top of Lincoln’s head. Low tread, or bald tires, are unsafe and need replacing.

…Overload the truck! A truck and its tires are designed to operate safely up to its specific load limits. These limits appear in the truck owner’s manual and should not be exceeded. Increased weight can lead to extra stress on a tire, and when combined with hot summer temperatures, can lead to tire failure.

Has your fleet struggled with the summer heat? Whether it’s blown out tires or overheating engines, at TSVA we can help upgrade your rigs so they can take on the hottest summer days without sacrificing productivity or efficiency. Contact us today to learn more!

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