Power Productivity With EnPak!

- 2:47 pm - October 29th, 2020

At TSVA, we’re always proud to offer top-tier trucking equipment that will help boost your productivity while providing world-class efficiency. The EnPak® Mechanic Series from Miller® fits the bill on both of those accounts.

Featuring the world’s only diesel engine-driven air compressor, generator and hydraulic pump for mechanics’ trucks, the EnPak® Mechanic Series provides you with all the power needed to run air tools, hydraulic cranes and electrical equipment – all with the truck turned off.

All-In-One Powerhouse

The EnPak® has all the features you need in one powerful package:

  • Air compressor

  • Hydraulics

  • Generator

  • EnVerter technology

  • Miller® welding options

  • Tier 4 Final emissions compliance

Efficiency Equals Savings

The ability to run your mechanical equipment without running your truck translates to a major boost in efficiency. The EnPak® can lower your fuel costs up to 30 percent and reduce engine hours by up to 60 percent. Without your truck running, your working environment becomes more comfortable, too. Your truck noise will be lowered by as much as 10 dB, and exhaust fumes in your work area will be dramatically reduced.

Boost Your Productivity

The EnPak® Mechanic Series is the only integrated power system of its kind; you won’t find this compact productivity-booster in any other product. Contact TSVA today to get the right EnPak® kit for your mechanical truck.

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