How to Maintain Your Vacuum Truck

- 10:53 am - April 30th, 2024

The first step in getting a highly efficient and dependable custom vacuum truck is to contact Truck Service of Virginia. But, after our team of skilled and expertly trained mechanics creates the perfect custom vacuum truck of your dreams, you will need to maintain your vehicle to keep it operating correctly. Routine maintenance is vital to maintaining the health and performance of your vehicle!


There are steps you can take daily, monthly, and yearly to help keep your truck on the road and your business moving.


Daily Maintenance

  • End of the Day Shutdown: Shutting your vacuum truck down at the end of the day requires more than just turning off the engine. Open the drain valves and make sure your truck is water-free. If your truck is being stored for an extended period, you need to double-check there isn’t any water left in your vehicle to avoid damaging various components.


Monthly Maintenance

  • Check Fluid Levels: Fluid levels need to be checked monthly, if not weekly. While you are inspecting the fluid levels of your truck, you should also check your intake horses and air breather. Air intake hoses should rotate often to avoid wear and tear on one particular spot. 


  • Clean out the Debris Body: Twice a month the debris body should be washed with a water handgun. After thorough rinsing, run your vehicle for five to ten minutes to dry any moisture left in the body. 


Yearly Maintenance

  • Change the Hydraulic Filters:  At least once a year, hydraulic filters should be changed. After you replace the filters, make sure that you use the correct kind of hydraulic fluid when filling your truck back up. 


  • Flush the Hydraulic System: This should be done while you are changing the hydraulic filters. Simply remove the drain plug and drain all the fluid from the tank and fluid reservoir. After the fluid is completely drained, refill it with fresh fluid start the engine, and operate all the hydraulic functions. 


TSVA performs bumper-to-bumper repairs and inspection services at our facility in Richmond, Virginia. Whether you are interested in a repair or a fully customized vacuum truck, contact us to receive a quote today!


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