Summer Fleet Maintenance Tips

- 3:43 pm - June 13th, 2018

You rely heavily on your fleet of trucks, so it’s important to make sure they’re prepared for the extremes that each season brings. For the summer, excessive heat can have a negative affect on your fleet – be sure to check the following systems and components before the long summer haul.

Cooling System

If the antifreeze-to-water ratio is off, the cooling system will not operate efficiently or may even fail in the hot weather. Inspect the radiator mounts, fan shrouds and fan clutch as well.

Air Conditioning System

Check for leaks and for state of charge. If you hear noises coming fomr the blower motor, it may be time to replace it. Check for refrigerant leaks and pay special attention to hose fittings and bends, and flex points. Examine the filters and make sure the condenser is clean and free of debris. Your driver’s comfort is as important as your truck’s functionality!


Heat makes the rubber in tires break down faster so always check tread depth. Also monitor the tire pressure as over- or under-inflated tires can get too hot, which can lead to a blow out. Check for damage to the tire’s tread and sidewall area, as well as cracks on the wheels themselves.


Heat corrodes the battery’s current conducting grids and battery sulfation occurs more rapidly in warm weather. Look for signs of corrosion as a buildup can result in lower voltage from the batter. Test the battery cells frequently as low readings suggest it’s time to replace the battery!

Electrical System

Test the alternator and look for frayed wiring and signs of corrosion. Pay special attention to cable routing to prevent abrasion damage.

Belts and Hoses

Heat, vibration and contaminants makes hoses and belts wear faster. A simple visual inspection is all you need to determine the condition of the belt. They should present proper tension and should be aligned correctly. To check a hose, squeeze it near the ends. If it feels spongy, it needs to be replaced.

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