Why Go Custom For Your Service Truck

- 3:37 pm - July 2nd, 2018

Do you associate the word “custom” with high-end, unaffordable products? Luckily, when it comes to service trucks, that isn’t the case – especially with TSVA! Not only are custom-built service trucks affordable, they can make difficult jobs easier and help you stay more organized during your day-to-day operations.

First and Foremost – Functionality

Have you ever purchased a new piece of equipment with all the bells and whistles that don’t really do much for your business’s productivity, or don’t make use of space in the way that you need it to?

Better Organization

Organization is the key to effectiveness and efficiency! With a custom service truck, you can design shelves, toolboxes, cabinets and more to be exactly where you need them to be to make finding tools, pieces, and other accessories easier than having things hap hazardously strewn around your truck.

Most Importantly … Optimization

Customized service trucks are built to work for you, allowing you to change elements of mass-produced service trucks that don’t fit all of your needs or serve your purpose. With customization you can ensure that every nook and cranny on your service truck is designed to optimize work flow, get jobs done faster and make life a little easier for you and your workers.

Be sure to enhance your fleet with customized work trucks built for the specific work you do! Contact TSVA to start designing your ideal truck today.

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