Signs Your Truck Needs a Tune-Up

- 12:20 pm - October 8th, 2020

TSVA is Richmond’s trusted commercial truck manufacturing and maintaining company! Whether you’re looking for a new truck or want to keep an old truck running, we’re the place to be and the people to call. With the fall season in full swing, we want to focus on the maintenance aspect of your fleet of trucks. So, with that in mind here are a few signs that your truck might be in need of a tune-up!

Starting Problems

This one should seem pretty obvious, but if your trucks are having trouble starting up and they haven’t been brought in to TSVA’s service shop for a tune-up, do yourself a favor and bring it in as soon as you do get it started.

Colored Smoke

Diesel engines can produce unusually colored smoke that can act as an alert to mechanical problems. Black smoke, as an example, typically means the motor is receiving too much fuel and not enough air. Blue smoke is usually a sign the vehicle is burning engine oil. Either way, a tune-up can help catch and resolve these issues!

Engine Sounds

Any unusual knocking, pinging or banging sounds from the engine shouldn’t be ignored! It’s much easier to locate and fix the problem before letting it worsen over time and result in the need for a complete engine replacement.

Fuel Usage

You know that fuel isn’t cheap, so if you find yourself spending extra at the pump it could be a sign of wear in the injectors or ring wear. Worn out or malfunctioning injectors need to be repaired as soon as possible.

Whether you’re experiencing one, all or none of these issues, a tune-up is a necessity! It’ll keep each truck in your fleet in top condition, ensuring that your business stays mobile. Contact TSVA today to learn more about our full-service repair and inspection station!

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