Common Uses for a Water Truck

- 3:20 pm - April 7th, 2022

Many industries can benefit from a custom-built water truck from Truck Service of Virginia! Consider adding a water truck to your fleet and improve the operations of your business with these common applications:


Dust Control


Where there’s digging there’s dust. This is especially true around construction sites. This dust can impede work progress and affect the health of workers and potentially harm the environment.


Fire Control


When working in dry, fire-prone areas it’s a good idea to bring water along with you in case there are no accessible hydrants. A water truck can be used reactively – if a fire starts – but it can also be used proactively to dampen the area and prevent the fire from starting in the first place.


Soil Compaction


Soil compaction requires just the right amount of water. Water trucks give workers the ability to control how much water is released in order to maintain a good water-to-soil ratio. This ensures proper compaction, and the safe construction of buildings, bridges, roads and more.




Farmers might benefit from a water truck to transport water and maintain irrigation to keep crops and livestock alive in case anything happens to the water source they typically rely on. Keeping a water truck on hand as a backup is just smart planning!


Potable Water


Your workers need to stay hydrated! A water truck is a great way to ensure a potable supply of water is on site throughout the day.


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