Partner Power

- 12:45 pm - January 11th, 2017

At Truck Service of Virginia, we pride ourselves on being the perfect provider for customers who are particular about their trucks. We don’t aim to sell you something close to what you want. We aim to meet your needs exactly. One of the keys to being the “perfect provider” is having the perfect partners behind you. When it comes to building your truck, we’re proud to work with top manufacturers like Auto Crane, EnPak and Stellar.

Auto Crane is the first name in service cranes. In fact, they invented the very first mobile field service crane. Trusted around the world by people who know what it means to stake your reputation on a piece of equipment under challenging conditions, Auto Crane solutions are engineered to lighten your workload, boost productivity, prioritize safety and make a positive difference in your bottom line.

EnPak systems are available on any service truck from TSVA. These versatile systems feature an air compressor and generator, and are available with a hydraulic pump and various welding options. They’re powered by a fuel-efficient diesel engine that’s integrated with the truck’s fuel supply and battery. The systems are engineered to provide complete jobsite functionality with your work truck’s engine turned off. They also deliver savings on fuel costs and truck maintenance while improving jobsite conditions and extending the life of your truck.

If it’s a heavy-duty hoist you need, Stellar was the first U.S. company to design and manufacture a hydraulic hooklift hoist. Today the company has more than 40 different hooklift models featuring single-pivot, double-pivot and sliding jib designs. The company also created the industry’s first hexagon-shaped boom design delivering 20 feet of all-hydraulic reach. Today they offer a full line of cranes including models that range in capacities up to 14,000 pounds and 30-feet of reach.

Every company or utility has unique needs for their mechanics’ trucks. At TSVA, we work to bring you the specialized engineering expertise of the innovators featured here and many others to build the truck that matches your specifications … exactly.

And these are just a few of the many choices you’ll have at TSVA. Our broad range of customization options means you can create the perfect truck for your needs, whatever they may be. Contact us to learn more about your next truck, and the financing options available to help you get it.

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