A New Way to Gather Data & Optimize Your Fleet

- 9:29 am - July 17th, 2020

You know full well what TSVA brings to the table, but our partner companies have a lot to offer as well! Our partner Stellar Industries has a way to gather data and utilize it in order to make smart decisions about how to best optimize your fleet of trucks with Stellar® Telematics.

Stellar® Telematics consists of Fleet View and E-Link™ Mobile for fleet managers and operators respectively. Let’s take a look at their features so you can see how they’ll help improve the efficiency and productivity of your fleet.

Fleet View

Fleet View is an online dashboard that gives fleet managers access to real-time and historical data on work-truck equipment. It helps you optimize your fleet by…

  • Utilizing past usage to help determine what crane size is needed
  • Understanding your equipment’s lifecycle
  • Viewing upcoming preventative maintenance
  • Right-sizing your fleet for application and location with data
  • Detailing crane and compressor usage
  • Granting insights into operator behavior

E-Link™ Mobile

E-Link™ Mobile gives operators the ability to increase uptime by putting the important data and controls an operator needs day-to-day in the palm of their hand! Some features include the ability to…

  • Control equipment from a mobile device
  • View upcoming maintenance needs
  • View real-time diagnostics
  • Access technical manuals
  • One-touch customer service

We know our clients are always looking for ways to improve the management and operation of their fleet. TSVA and our partner Stellar Industries can help! Give us a call today for more information.

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