Winter is Coming … Get Ready for it!

- 2:54 pm - September 28th, 2018

No matter how expertly designed and built your fleet may be, nothing can better protect your truck from the effects of a bitter cold winter like regular maintenance and the knowledge that comes from years of trucking experience. Here are some tips on how you can prepare your fleet of trucks for the winter!

  • Cold weather drains batteries fast. Check the age and strength of the batteries in your trucks.
  • Use winter blend fuels with a high Cetane rating and add anti-gel additives at each fill-up.
  • Monitor your trucks’ water separator daily and drain it when full to avoid contamination, and replace old fuel filters.
  • Diesel engines are harder to start in the winter. An electric engine block heater can be used when the truck is parked for long periods of time during extreme cold.
  • Cold weather causes underinflated tires, which leads to faster wear and tear and affects fuel mileage. Be sure to check the tire pressure before each delivery run.
  • It’s important to protect your drivers as well! In addition to usual emergency supplies, make sure to have cold-weather clothing and footwear, a shovel, flashlight with extra batteries, blankets, first aid kit, flares, radio, anti-gel fuel additive and food and water.

With the winter quickly approaching, it’s important you be as ready as possible. With TSVA, we can provide you with custom-built trucks to fully round out your fleet so that you can tackle any job that comes around despite how extreme the weather may be outside. Contact us today to learn more about building your next truck.

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