Looking for a Truly Stellar® Mechanics’ Truck?

- 1:02 pm - December 11th, 2017

You have high standards in what you want from a mechanics’ truck, and we have high standards in our manufacturing partners. That’s why we’re confident you’ll find the perfect mechanics’ truck from our partner, Stellar® Industries. Like their name suggests, Stellar Industries provides mechanics’ trucks that are simply out of this world. From the crane to the body, they build every component with precision. They offer two lines: the TMAX™ Series Steel Service Bodies and Cranes, and the TMAX Series Aluminum Service Bodies and Cranes:


TMAX™ Series Steel

Stellar Industries’ TMAX Series Steel line includes four models:


  • TMAX 30K Service Body – The TMAX 30K is designed for contractors, municipal markets, rental homes and anyone in need of a service crane that lifts 5,000 pounds or less. It features a crane compartment, which isolates the lifting forces of the crane into the stabilizers and chassis frame.
  • TMAX 1 Service Body – The TMAX 1 weighs in at almost 1,000 pounds more than the TMAX 30 and is designed to meet the needs of public utilities, construction companies and those in need of medium lift range. It features the Stellar Industries torq-isolator crane support design, which isolates the crane compartment from the rest of the side pack.
  • TMAX 2 Service Body – For heavy lifting at a longer range, the TMAX 2 is just right. It uses a torsion box understructure as well as a torq-isolator crane support to transfer lifting stresses to the box-type subframe, rather than the compartment doors.
  • TMAX 3 Service Body – For those with the heaviest demands, such as construction companies that operate large fleets, the TMAX 3 is an ideal fit. Like all Stellar mechanics’ trucks, it offers comprehensive turnkey packages and many available options.


TMAX Series Aluminum

The TMAX Series Aluminum line comes in three models:


  • TMAX 30K Aluminum Service Body – Structurally similar to its steel counterpart, the TMAX 30K Aluminum is about 10 pounds lighter and features side packs for increased resistance to corrosion.
  • TMAX 1 Aluminum Service Body – Like the TMAX 1 Steel, the TMAX 1 Aluminum has a crane body featuring deep compartments that have double panel doors for reduced truck weight and added protection against corrosion.
  • TMAX 2 Aluminum Service Body – Like its counterpart, the TMAX 2 Aluminum also uses a torsion box understructure and torq-isolator crane support to ensure lifting stresses transfer to the stabilizers and box subframe, as opposed to the compartment doors.


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