Improve Your Crane Game With TSVA

- 4:16 pm - December 14th, 2018

Propane retailers rely heavily on their fleets of mechanics’ trucks to get them through the heating season and at TSVA we have the equipment to make any job easier, especially when it comes to those fleets’ telescoping service crane needs. We offer a variety of electric, electric over hydraulic, and hydraulic service cranes from Auto Crane® – one of the industry’s top crane manufacturers.

Some perks of an Auto Crane product include:

  • What is considered the safest service crane commercially available
  • The ability to lift 100% of the crane’s load capacity
  • Fast and efficient load handling operations
  • Field-proven heavy-duty construction and long lifespan

In addition to the sturdy and reliable products Auto Crane offers, the NexStar crane management system delivers a healthy boost to your equipment’s safety and control. NexStar prevents overloads and complicated operator calculations by delivering 100% proportional control in every function, with 100% power even while using multiple functions simultaneously.

NexStar also makes working even safer, thanks to an integrated tri-axis boom and truck chassis angle sensors to prevent crane use when parked on or at unsafe levels or grades. Plus, available FM wireless remote systems make controlling your Auto Crane easier than ever. 

Call or contact TSVA today to learn more about equipping your fleet with Auto Crane and NexStar.

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