Keep an Eye on Your Tires This Summer!

- 12:30 pm - July 25th, 2023

This summer has been one for the record books, literally. The record-breaking temperatures experienced worldwide have had a tremendous effect on everything, our trucks included. One of the areas most affected by the extreme heat of summer is our truck tires. Your tires could be properly inflated when you leave in the cooler temperatures of the early morning and become severely overinflated by mid-afternoon from rising ambient temperatures.


Truck Service of Virginia is here to remind you to pay close attention to your tires this summer to help avoid any incidents on the road. Use these tire maintenance tips to help improve your truck’s performance and extend the life of your tires.


Summer Tire Maintenance Tips:

  • Inspect your tires frequently: Keep an eye out for cracks, bulges, cuts, air loss, unusual wear patterns, and anything else abnormal. It’s always better to catch the problem early before it leads to something bigger on the road.
  • Proper alignment: It is important to maintain a regular alignment schedule to help prevent irregular wear on your tires. Your tires should also be rotated every 6,000 miles.
  • Keep your tires inflated correctly: Maintaining proper inflation is one of the key factors in promoting tire durability and extending the tread life. Underinflation is the leading cause of tire failures and blowouts.
  • Don’t overload: Heavy loads can put severe stress on your tires and can exacerbate the other issues experienced in summer. Make sure you check the rating on the tires to determine the overall weight.


Take the extra time this summer to double check the inflation and health of your tires. Click here to read more about our summer safety tips or call us at 800-550-0132 to schedule your tire service.

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