Stay in Control With NexStar Crane Technology from Auto Crane

- 11:49 am - December 26th, 2019

TSVA is proud to partner with Auto Crane®, the makers of the NexStar crane management system that allows our customers to drive away in their new custom-built truck 100% satisfied with their decision to turn to us for their latest rig.

NexStar offers full control at full power, for every function, including:

  • 100% proportional, pressure-sensitive push-button speed control in all crane functions

  • Execute one or multiple functions at the same time, with 100% power, from crawl to full speed

  • Add crane functions on the fly without stopping

  • Versatile max speed settings — 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% — with total proportional control at every setting

  • Emergency stop halts all functions with one touch

When you put TSVA and Auto Crane together you get tough, reliable and hard-working equipment that can keep up with the demands of any job. Contact us online today to learn more and to get a quote for your new truck!

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