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- 10:00 am - October 13th, 2023

When it comes to the service truck for your business, The Truck Service of Virginia offers you customized vacuum, mechanics, lube, water, and LP trucks that match your exact needs and specifications. If you need the right truck right now, we have a wide selection of pre-owned trucks that you can drive right off the lot.

With a custom truck from TSVA, you will avoid wasting space and time by having all the tools you need stored near to hand with related equipment and not having items that aren’t needed cluttering up your space. This will increase your productivity … and your bottom line.

You can rest assured knowing that your employees will be driving around in a safe vehicle that is going to increase their efficiency. Our truck design team can provide guidance based on years of experience on the best additions, upgrades, and placement for the systems in your new truck. 

Once you’re on the road, don’t forget about the upkeep. Proper maintenance and repair will keep your truck running safely for longer. Truck Service of Virginia is a DOT-approved facility, and all repairs are performed to the current DOT code. We give you the best service to make sure your vehicle is always working at peak performance.

Set yourself apart from your competitors with a customized service truck from TSVA. Call us at (804) 231-9116 and get peace of mind knowing that your new service truck will meet your highest standard. For more information about our trucks, click here.

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