Mechanics’ Trucks for Year-Round LP Services

- 9:49 am - April 27th, 2018

Heating season may be coming to a close, but propane is a necessity homeowners rely on all year long. That means you’ll be relying on your mechanics’ trucks all year-round as well! Truck Service of Virginia specializes in building the perfect mechanics’ trucks to help you keep up with the demand.

There’s more to propane services than dropping off a tank and refilling it – you need to determine the appropriate tank size for your customer, make arrangements for proper placement, install the concrete foundation and then finish the job – ideally with one of TSVA’s custom-built mechanics’ trucks designed just for you!

By working with the industry’s top equipment and chassis manufacturers, we deliver the features you need to do the job right. Our custom crane-equipped truck bodies, for example, are designed to tackle the specific needs of LP service and make loading, hauling and unloading as easy as possible. Trucks from TSVA will make the job go faster and have you working more efficiently.

Don’t wait around for the perfect mechanics’ truck to just roll into your life! Contact us today and start building the truck of your dreams!

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