Custom LP Service Trucks – Fit Your Needs

- 3:00 pm - December 15th, 2021

There’s a lot more to professional propane service than just dropping a tank and sending a truck to refill it every so often. You first need to:

  • Determine the appropriate tank size for your customer

  • Make all the necessary arrangements for proper placement of the propane tank

  • Install a concrete foundation before the tank can be installed

After you’ve done all the required pre-installation groundwork, you want the rest of the job to go safely and smoothly. Truck Service of Virginia has the perfect mechanics’ trucks to help you do just that.

We work with the industry’s top equipment and chassis manufacturers to deliver the features you need to do the job right. Our custom crane-equipped truck bodies, designed to tackle the specific demands of LP service, make loading, hauling and unloading as easy as possible. Simply put, better trucks mean faster and more efficient service and installation calls for your drivers.

Additionally, Truck Service of Virginia makes your truck purchase as painless as possible with a range of financing options from the lenders we use. Our commitment doesn’t stop at the truck -- we help each buyer find the right financing package and the most favorable terms.

We’re the perfect provider for customers who are particular about their trucks. Other dealers are content to sell you something close to what you want; we strive to meet your needs exactly.

Get started on building the LP service truck that meets your fleet’s needs. The perfect truck is waiting for you, and the team at Truck Service of Virginia can help deliver it. Contact us today to learn more.

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