Peterbilt Model 220: Compact Size with a Big Payoff

- 12:23 pm - February 11th, 2016

We know what you’re thinking – odds are the word “compact” makes you think of that cramped four-wheel box you used to deliver pizzas with when you were 17, roof Velcro® included. But just like many of today’s compact cars pack a serious punch in terms of style, features and performance, the compact and consolidated Peterbilt Model 220 proves that you don’t need to be the biggest on the block to be the best.

In fact, you’ll find the word “best” to be a very apt description for the Model 220’s wide array of features. There are so many, we at TSVA don’t quite know where to begin. Should we first mention the 6.7-liter PACCAR PX-7 engine that cranks out 660 lb-ft of torque with excellent fuel efficiency? How about the tight and highly maneuverable turning radius? And we know you’d definitely like to hear about the ergonomic and surprisingly spacious driver cabin featuring overhead and rear-wall storage compartments.

But of course, that’s the real beauty of the Model 220. Like many of the great vehicles that have sped their way down the racetracks of our imaginations, the Model 220 is truly the sum of its fantastic parts. Vigorous power, low chassis weight, 360-degree visibility, driver safety protection, and standard Allison automatic transmission all come together to create a versatile truck that’s got the punch card for a wide variety of jobs. Yeah, it’s perfect for high-volume applications like beverage delivery, but it’s also great for street sweeping and paint striping. And when the job is done, service checks are made easy. The front panel opens for quick access to the air filter, coolant, refrigerant, washer fluid, power-steering fluid and engine oil.

For power, versatility, convenience, and easy maintenance in one affordable and yes, compact, package, the Model 220 is the truck your fleet can rely on. Contact TSVA today, and our dedicated team will help walk you through all available options to bring you the 220 that’s right for your fleet.

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