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Turn Off the Truck, Turn On the EnPak®

- 12:41 pm - December 5th, 2016

The engine in your LP work truck is designed to move it and everything in it. That’s thousands of pounds traveling thousands of miles. You’re also likely using your truck to power welders, jobsite tools, pumps and other accessories. And even though today’s emissions-compliant truck engines are up to the task, why make your significant investment work harder and longer than it has to? Put an EnPak power system to work for you.

IMG_0692.jpgAvailable on any service truck from Truck Service of Virginia, EnPak systems are productivity-boosting systems featuring an air compressor and generator, and are available with a hydraulic pump and various welding options. They’re powered by a fuel-efficient diesel engine that’s integrated with the truck’s fuel supply and battery. The systems are designed to provide complete jobsite functionality with your work truck’s engine turned off. This results in significant savings on fuel costs and truck maintenance while improving jobsite conditions and extending the life of your truck. The EnPak system is also compliant with stringent Tier 4 emissions requirements.

Every EnPak system features a high-efficiency diesel engine and includes exclusive features that monitor user load requirements and adjust the engine speed to match, plus auto start/stop technology and an advanced power system — all of which can cut fuel consumption and operating costs. You can realize the following savings:

  • 79% maintenance savings
  • 50% less idle time for your truck
  • 36% less engine hours for your truck
  • 30% less fuel used for the EnPak system compared to your truck

Add it up and you get more efficient on-site production, less wear-and-tear on your truck, and longer and better service life. Your truck and your crew will thank you! EnPak is just one advanced feature you can get from TSVA. We also offer a broad range of customization options to create the perfect truck for your needs, whatever they may be. Learn more about your next truck, and the financing options available to help you get it.