TSVA’s Partners at AutoCrane Offer Ultimate Control with NexStar

- 4:12 pm - May 25th, 2018

LP gas companies are always busy and hard at work setting propane storage tanks and making deliveries. The thing about propane is it’s a year-round fuel, able to keep everything running from home heating systems to pool heaters and even barbecue grills. When your company is faced with a full schedule of tank installations and settings, you want a method of crane control that can’t be beat. Enter the NexStar II from AutoCrane!

With NexStar, you get full control at full power for every function! Here are a few features of NexStar that you shouldn’t be without!

  • 100% proportional, pressure-sensitive push-button speed control in all crane functions.
  • Execute one or multiple functions at the same time, with 100% power, from crawl to full speed.
  • Tri-axis boom and truck chassis angle sensors to automatically slow the crane on steep grades. Grades exceeding 15% will cease operation all together.
  • Automatic crane limiting at 100% rated capacity while still allowing boom up, boom retraction and lowering the load to ensure the safety of people and equipment
  • LED boom-mounted indicator warning light providing added in-operation load handling awareness
  • Receiver with large-format LCD diagnostic/status message screen
  • Full-featured proportional trigger or joysticks is IP66 rated and CE certified (up to 100 hours crane operation on four AA batteries)

With NexStar, ultimate control is always in within arm’s reach! Improve the efficiency of your fleet, speed up productivity and enhance the safety of your team and the equipment. Contact TSVA now to discuss how we can help you upgrade your fleet for this year’s workload.

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