Get The Service Truck You Need with TSVA

- 12:00 pm - September 12th, 2023

Have you been looking for the perfect custom service truck to accommodate your business’s specific needs? Start driving the service truck that you desire when you get a custom Service Truck from Truck Service of Virginia. 

We maintain a large inventory of pre-owned vehicles that include tanker, crane, and water trucks that are ready for you to drive. We also work with virtually every equipment manufacturer, so you can have the brands you want installed into your customized service truck. 

Features In Our Service Trucks Include:

  1. Hydraulic cranes 3,000 to 14,000 lbs.
  2. Rotary screw air compressors
  3. Fuel/oil delivery system
  4. Grease system
  5. Combination skid system
  6. Work-bench bumpers
  7. Non slip deck material
  8. Custom light configurations
  9. … and so much more!

Along with building the service truck that will fit all your needs, we’re a certified provider of “R” Stamp tank repairs and DOT cargo tank inspections. You can rest assured knowing that your truck will always receive the best maintenance and care.

Contact or call us at (800) 550-0132 to get your customized service truck with Truck Service of Virginia. We are always ready to help and thank you for choosing us.

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