International® Workstar®: The Truck That Does It All

- 12:15 pm - August 21st, 2015

When considering a truck purchase, there are a lot of factors to consider besides sheer brute force. What about versatility and adaptability? The International® Workstar® gives you these in spades, and with plenty of power to back it up. Whether you’re in need of a vocational tractor, dump truck, utility vehicle, or a road maintenance vehicle, the Workstar is ready for the job.


They say variety is the spice of life, and International® certainly knows it. With engine options ranging from the venerable MaxxForce DT to the powerhouse Navistar N13, the engine that best fits your needs is always available. International’s lineup runs the gamut in chassis sizes, tire configurations, and drivetrains. From the 4x4 7300 to the 8x6 tridem 7600, you have more dimensional variety than ever.

The Workstar is ready for any application. Its maneuverability and task automation from inside makes it perfect for hauling waste and dumping. Huck-bolted frames give it the stability of solid steel – perfect for mixing, utility and crane operation. Responsive steering and dependable drivetrain come in handy during a weather emergency, and the panoramic windshield supplies the precision vantage point needed to perform road maintenance tasks. The Workstar is truly a truck of many hard hats.

Constant Factors

For all the variety of the Workstar line, each truck has the same mark of high-quality craftsmanship and durability. International knows that it can get noisy on the job, so the Workstar’s cab is insulated to keep the racket where it belongs – outside. With the click of your door closing, you’ve got peace and quiet, so you can completely concentrate on the job at hand.

The Workstar has the thick skin of a double-sided galvanized steel cab to brave even the dirtiest of job sites and the roughest of weather conditions – its only limit is how far you decide to push it.

Dressed For Work

Why settle for just doing the job when you can look good doing it too? To that end, the Workstar looks the part, with a bold front fascia enhanced with classic accents like a chrome bumper and grill. The Workstar is dressed sharp for the office, even if the office is a muddy field or rocky terrain.

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