Customize Your Vacuum Truck with the Vacuum Truck Experts at TSVA

- 11:46 am - May 4th, 2018

From emergency cleanups and hazardous waste removal to septic tank cleaning and hydro excavation, vacuum trucks serve many important functions. There’s no one-size-fits-all model and nobody knows what you need in a vacuum truck better than you do. So why not let the experts at Truck Service of Virginia help you build a custom vacuum truck to your precise needs?

No matter which applications you intend to use your vacuum truck for, we can help you outfit the ideal truck for your needs. The question is, what do you want in your vacuum truck? We’ll help you select the optimal drive systems, tanks, hoses, pumps and baghouses for your truck. Mud, sludge, sewage and floods will be no match for your new custom-built vacuum truck.

Why choose TSVA? Because we’re an industry leader in custom-built vacuum trucks with a long history of helping businesses like yours determine exactly what they want and building it to their precise specifications. If you’re ready to get the vacuum truck you want and need, find out don’t wait – contact us today!

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