When You Need A Water Truck, TSVA Is The Right Choice

- 12:53 pm - May 23rd, 2017

Truck Service of Virginia is a leading provider of custom-built water trucks for all applications. We’ll outfit your truck to your exact specifications: cab, chassis, tanks, pumps and spray configurations. Make your job easier and safer, with the right parts and equipment.

Do you have a problem with dust suppression? Construction sites kick up a lot of dust and dirt, which can cause problems for your workers and equipment and slow down production. Our custom-built water trucks can hold anywhere from 2,250 to 6,000 gallons of water, top fill or vacuum fill, and utilize a heavy-duty front-mounted volume pump to provide water coverage that’s nearly comparable to a rainstorm. The rectangular A-frame and adjustable undercarriage allow for heavy field use in any terrain. We offer a truck-mounted option and a swivel hitch for pull-behind mounting, which makes positioning and maneuvering tight spaces easier.

Whether you’re looking for dust control, adding moisture to dirt and soil to make it easier to compact, or need a water truck for fire prevention, call TSVA today and begin designing your custom truck. A truck built to your specifications by our experienced technicians will get the job done and hold up to whatever is thrown its way.