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- 4:12 pm - October 28th, 2022

Is your business in need of a new mechanics’ truck? Truck Service of Virginia is the leading provider of custom mechanics’ trucks for any industry. We offer new and/or custom trucks from several of the top manufacturers in the business. We also have an excellent selection of used trucks, which can also be customized or upgraded to the specifications your company requires to get the job done right. Truck Service of Virginia is your go-to specialist for mechanics’ trucks and is happy to provide any needed maintenance and repairs to your existing fleet of trucks.

TSVA works with virtually all the top equipment manufacturers in the industry, such as Stellar Industries, AutoCrane, EnPak, and many more. Our relationships allow us to provide you with all of the options you can think of to help your business succeed. We sell custom-built service bodies, line bodies, crane bodies, and other types for utility, contractors, and landscapers. We can also install compressors, reels, and work lights to meet all of your requests.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your next mechanics’ truck from Truck Service of Virginia. Check out our photo gallery to explore some of our impressive work and satisfied customers. If you have any questions about our mechanics’ truck inventory or related services, contact us by giving us a call at (800) 550-0132 or (804) 231-9116.

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