Start Saving at the Pump with These Tips!

- 12:00 am - February 26th, 2024

As a fleet owner, you know firsthand how fast your expenses can add up, and at the top of your list of expenses is fuel costs. With fluctuations in price and supply chain issues, it can be difficult to try and calculate and budget fuel costs from one month to the next.


There are steps that you can take TODAY to begin reducing your fuel costs on the road and start saving money at the pump.


3 Tips to Reduce Fuel Expenses:


  1. Upgrade Outdated Equipment: Upgrading inefficient and outdated equipment or trucks is one of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce fuel consumption. Truck Service of Virginia provides bumper-to-bumper repair and upgrade services. We also offer different financing packages for custom and used service trucks if it’s time to upgrade your fleet.


  1. Maintain Your Vehicles: Annual engine tune-ups, tire pressure checks, oil changes, and maintaining a regular maintenance schedule all help keep your fleet on the road and fuel efficiency up.


  1. Driving Practices: Driving habits can have a big impact on your fuel economy. Braking late, accelerating quickly, and unsafe driving practices can all add extra costs to your fuel expenses.


As a leading custom service truck provider in the country, TSVA understands the costs associated with maintaining a truck fleet. Since 1975, we have helped drivers make the most of every gallon of gas with our extensive repair and inspection services.


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