Control Over Your Safety

- 12:51 pm - April 13th, 2017

When it comes to the jobs that require heavy lifting, the NexStar™ crane management system can make sure the job is done as safely and efficiently as possible when combined with Auto Crane’s HC Series service cranes. With a lifting capacity of up to 14,000 lbs., the advanced controls are essential to operate confidently and with minimal risk to you, other workers and your truck.

Be productive while remaining precise with NexStar™ and its 100% proportional, pressure-sensitive push-button speed control. The ability to engage in multiple functions at the same time without any loss of power keeps your work moving. Even when you need to add functions on the fly, you won’t need to stop everything. An easy-to-read LCD screen displays crane, load and battery information without the need to look up or memorize codes, which means getting back to the job faster.

Keeping crane operators safe and informed is made easy with NexStar™. The crane will stop at 100% rated capacity while still allowing boom up, retraction and grounding the load, removing the risk of overloading the crane and causing injury or damage to workers and equipment. A storable transmitter, another NexStar™ safety feature, prevents unauthorized crane use. In the case of an accident or injury, an instant emergency stop ceases all functions with just a single touch.

Keep the job moving safely and your truck working hard with TSVA and the high efficiency of Auto Crane service cranes with the Nexstar™ system. Learn more about what your next custom truck has to offer to get the next job done right.

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