Even Your New Trucks Need Regular Maintenance

- 9:08 am - July 7th, 2021

Nothing beats that new-truck feeling! But if you want to maintain that feeling for years and years to come, it’s important to keep up on the preventative maintenance – and TSVA can help!

When it comes to services that will help keep your trucks feeling like new, we run the gamut! Call on TSVA when you…

Need an inspection!

We’ll ensure your trucks are safe to be on the road – protecting yourself from liability concerns, your drivers from any accidents and the environment from excess pollution.

Need a Repair!

Something broken? We can fix it! No matter how big or small the job, we want your truck to remain in top shape.

Need testing!

We’re a DOT-registered testing facility for cargo tanks, so we can perform the hydrostatic tests and internal inspections as required by the Department of Transportation as well as the annual visual inspection and leakage test.

At TSVA you can get it all – a new truck and the maintenance to keep it work-ready! Call or contact us online today to get your quote.

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