Help Your Trucks Last Through Winter

- 3:50 pm - August 27th, 2020

Winter is coming – and with it are the special challenges that truck fleet owners face every year! You may not be able to control the temperatures or road conditions, but you can take certain steps to prepare your fleet for anything the cold weather throws its way.

Tips for preparing before winter:

  • Service air dryers and drain air tanks to avoid freezing when temperatures drop

  • Test batteries, starting system and charging system

  • Check block heater by plugging it in to ensure it’s working properly

  • Make sure pre-heaters, ultra-capacitors and other things meant to help trucks start are working and are ready to go

  • Evaluate the condition of windshield wipers

During winter operation…

  • Utilize fuel additives if and when temperatures drop below 20° F to prevent waxing

  • Even if it feels warm outside, plug in the block heater

  • Keep vehicles running – not idling

  • Remember that diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) begins to freeze at 32° F and operating the truck will keep the DEF from freezing in the fuel lines

  • Check your tires often to ensure they are properly inflated and aren’t bald

With proper preparation and awareness, your fleet of trucks can take on the winter when it comes. In the meanwhile, TSVA is here to help with all of your custom truck designing and building needs! Looking to round out your fleet with a new truck? Contact us online for a quote!

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