Getting Everything in Order for Spring and Summer

- 9:31 am - April 10th, 2020

Things are a bit hectic across the globe with this unprecedented pandemic, but that doesn’t mean Virginia-based fleet owners can’t find some order in taking care of one of their most important assets: Their trucks!

With the changing of the seasons there are always new things to look for when it comes to preparing your fleet of trucks for the spring and summer. Here are a few tips!

  • Check the cooling systems. Make sure your trucks are using the proper coolant-to-water ratio and make adjustments as needed.

  • Stay on top of regular maintenance. Keeping your trucks in shape with regular service and maintenance - which TSVA can provide!

  • Keep VINs and current photos on file. Also lock or disable equipment at night and consider using tracking devices as equipment thefts tend to go up during the warmer months.

  • Check and adjust fluid levels frequently when temperatures are high. Oil, coolant - your truck needs plenty of it, especially during the hotter summer days. Keeping a close eye on your fluid levels will save you from unnecessary repairs.

  • Offseason equipment. Drain any fuel tanks or shut off fuel lines for any equipment that won’t be used during the warmer months and store everything in a proper location where it won’t be damaged.

  • Remove dirt and mud build-up. Your engine’s efficiency will thank you! The less dirt and mud build-up the more heat is allowed to escape from the equipment which helps prevent overheating.

At TSVA we know all about taking care of trucks! Give us a call or contact us online to learn more about designing and building custom trucks and our additional services.

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