Freightliner® M2 106: Punch In with Prowess

- 12:21 pm - December 23rd, 2015

Freightliner® trucks have been rolling off assembly lines since 1942, and have brought awe-inspiring power and attractive styling to countless truck fleets nationwide ever since. Now, it’s time to bring this formidable combo to your fleet, in the impressive form of the M2 106. Capable of handling practically any trucking task there is, the M2 106 will always punch in on time, and look good doing it with classic styling cues in tow.

Tools of the Trade

The M2 106 has an impressive resume of qualifications under its belt. The available Cummins ISB is the lightest engine in its class, and its big brother the ISL boasts the highest power/torque ratings in the medium duty trucking market. Combine catalytic emissions reduction technology and incredibly responsive maneuverability, and you have one well-qualified candidate.

Easy is the Word

Sure, the M2 106 is built tough enough to handle even the longest of grinds without a peep, but when it comes to its serviceability, the operative word is easy. The transmission and other vital components are very accessible, cutting down on service time and labor cost. Plus, the cab and chassis are built specifically for ease of customization. With multiple exhaust options and a SmartPlex™ wiring system, the M2 106 can be mated to whatever additional equipment is necessary.

The Bottom Line

Where other trucks fail, the Freightliner M2 106 prevails. With no sick days in its schedule and compatibility with such a wide range of niche equipment, isn’t it time you looked into this model worker? Contact TSVA today to check out the M2 106 up close and personal, or for information on other great vehicles from Freightliner®.

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