Custom Design, Custom Built Lube Trucks

- 9:08 am - September 9th, 2021

When it comes to designing and building the perfect lube truck, TSVA never lets their clients down! Whether you’re a commercial business operating in the asphalt, paving, construction or mining industries, you understand the need for lube trucks for jobs that require the use of heavy equipment.

Let us help you get the tools you need to complete your unique jobs quickly and cost-effectively! Some benefits of our lube trucks include:

Reduced Downtime

Transporting heavy equipment to service stations is a thing of the past thanks to our customizable lube trucks. Service your equipment right on the job site or in the field to reduce downtime and improve productivity.

Increased Longevity

Thanks to our high-quality partners, our lube trucks are made with high-quality equipment that will outlast other manufacturers’ products. Not to mention we can provide the service for the equipment we design, build and sell!

And More!

Any additional things your business needs in particular to go along with your lube truck? We can provide it, too! Work lights, air compressors, and generators – all things that can be a part of your custom-built lube truck, made with the best technology available on the market today.

Need a lube truck for an upcoming job, or just want to have one on hand for the future? Give us a call or contact us online to get a quote today!

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