Put That New Sleigh Under Your Tree

- 12:43 pm - December 20th, 2016

Ok, we don’t really sell sleighs. Then again, unless you work with a bunch of elves at the North Pole, you probably don’t need a sleigh for your business. What we do at Truck Service of Virginia is trucks. And we do them better than anyone!

imperial.jpgSince every fleet is different, operators require vehicles designed and equipped to match their needs. Customized vehicles are our specialty, and we take pride in providing buyers with exactly the vehicles they want. Fleet operators will appreciate our comprehensive selection of vehicles - tanker trucks, crane trucks, LP service trucks, mechanics’ trucks, water trucks, oil tankers and just about any other truck or service vehicle you can imagine.

When it comes to building your vehicle, we work with the best equipment and chassis manufacturers in the business to deliver the advanced features you want, and the options you need. We understand that your goal is to find the truck that makes your business run more efficiently. That’s our goal too! With an extensive range of quality bodies, cranes, welders, compressors and other custom accessories to choose from, you get the confidence of knowing that every part we use is of premium quality, and backed by the workmanship to match. When you choose Truck Service of Virginia, you work with vehicle experts who understand your needs, and take pride in delivering a vehicle you will be proud of, because it was customized to your exact specifications.

Unfortunately, we can’t just deliver your truck down the chimney and leave it under a tree. But we can still make buying it as easy as possible. Truck Service of Virginia simplifies truck purchases with a range of financing options from the lenders we work with. We help each buyer find the right financing package and arrange the most favorable terms.

So make your list and check it twice. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice (we’re sure you’ve been nice!), we can help you build the service truck that meets your fleet’s needs. Your perfect truck is waiting, and the team at Truck Service of Virginia can help bring it to you. Start your New Year off right! Contact us today to learn more about your next truck.

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